Module 1 Logical Data Recovery Training
D1.1 Introduction to Storage Device , Hard disk and models, converter used D1.2 Hard Disk Data recovery common problems, with fault
  1. Logical Problems (disk detected in BIOS are mainly logical problems)
  2. Physical Problems (disk not detected in BIOS are main physical problems)
    1. a.Electronical Failure Problems
    2. b. Mechanical Failure Problems
  3. Firmware Problems
D1.3 Understanding hard disk structure (platter, head, sector, cluster, track, cylinder,)
D1.4 Internal Parts of Hard Disk Demo Parts Identify SATA 3.5 Drive 1tb St31000333as
D1.5 Understand how data stored in hard disk & Microsoft files structure (FAT, NTFS, MBR)
D1.6 Working concept of Format, Partition & computer booting process,
D1.7 Data recovery Software used for different problems, steps with features
D1.8 Pen drive and Memory card logically data recovery concept
Module 2 Physical Data Recovery Training
D2.1 SMD Basic electronics for hard disk components and PCB repair, tools demo
D2.2 Common problem in hard disk due to printed circuit board fault
D2.3 Introduction to HARD DISK PCB , block diagram section of hard disk,
D2.4 Power & proctection section, DC to DC converter, (Mosfet, other smd component working and power detail in hard disk)
D2.5 Mcu section, Data section, preamp section head (chip working concept power main signals)
D2.6 Buffer Ram, flash rom section (working concept types and main signals)
D2.7 VCM Motor controller & read channel chip working concept and main signals
D2.8 Live pcb tracing, different volt of pcb, fault finding of hard disk pcb,Online offline D2.9 Identify hard disk pcb no for donor pcb (Samsung, Seagate, wd, Hitachi, Ibm , Maxtor, )
D2.10 Replacing component and IC`s of hard disk (demo, video) ( understand different hard disk pcb, circuit troubleshooting chart )
Module 3 Hard Disk PCB Repair Training
D3.1 MECHANICAL FAILURE PROBLEMS ( common hard disk problems )
D3.2 Donor Selection of Different Hard Disk for patient
D3.3 Data recovery instrument detail and used detail with demo on opening hard disk
(clean room, head replacement, spindle motor remover, magnet remove tools, etc)
D3.4 Steps for opening hard disk, video, instruction, do , don’t while opeining, donour selection, used of instruments
D3.5 Practice on magnet & head replacement of hard disk
D3.6 Practice on platter replacement of hard disk
D3.7 Practice on spindle motor changing of hard disk
D3.8 Basic idea of data recovery from pen drive, memory card, flashcard
D3.9 Basic Introduction to hard disk firmware updating and high end instruments idea
D3.10 Data recovery common problems and solution to take Chart for hard disk repair
Module 4 Hard Disk Firmware Repair Up Gradtion PC3000 PCI, WDR, STR)
D4.1 Introduction to hard disk firmware
D4.2 Introduction to hard disk firmware modules in service area
D4.3 Problems when firmware is corrupted
D4.4 Basic Introduction to Different firmware repair instrument/software list
D4.5 PC-3000 pci Features:
D4.6 Basic principle operation of pc3000 pci D4.7 Pc3000 pci using practicle training
D4.7 Pc3000 pci for Seagate models
D4.8 Working of pc3000 pci for wd detail
D4.9 Samsung pc 3000 training steps
D4.10 Pc3000 support list of hitachi
Module 5 MRT Device Use For Hard Disk Firmware Repair & Data Recovery
D5.1 data copy option on MRT device
D5.2 Segate hard disk firmware repair & data recovery
D5.3 Wd hard disk firmware repair & data recovery
D5.4 hitachi, samsusng , Toshiba firmware repair & data recovery
Module 6 Working Experience Of Hard Disk Data Recovery With Different Hard Disk
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